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graphic designing institute in Hyderabad

Trainer Details & duration.

Trainer Name          Ravi Varma
Trainer Experience          10 years 
Next Batch Date          13/11/2023
Training Modes:           Offline
Course Duration:          3 Months
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video masters training in hyderabad course syllabus

Graphic designing institute Topics

  • Overview of graphic design principles and elements
  • Historical perspective of graphic design
  • Introduction to design software (Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Understanding typography
  • Color theory and application
  • Layout and composition principles
  • Introduction to Photoshop interface and tools
  • Image editing and manipulation techniques
  • Working with layers and masks
  • Introduction to Illustrator interface and tools
  • Vector graphics fundamentals
  • Creating logos and illustrations
  • Introduction to InDesign interface and tools
  • Page layout and design for print and digital media
  • Creating brochures and publications
  • Advanced typography and text effects
  • Designing for social media
  • Designing for branding and identity
  • Advanced photo manipulation in Photoshop
  • Advanced vector illustration in Illustrator
  • Interactive design using Adobe XD
  • Creating a personal design portfolio
  • Presentation skills and self-promotion
  • Peer review and feedback
  • Guest lectures on industry trends and best practices
  • Responsive design and mobile app design
  • Design ethics and copyright considerations
  • Collaborative or individual project
  • Implementation of learned skills
  • Final project presentation and critique
  • Class participation and engagement
  • Assignments and quizzes
  • Mid-term projects with internship.
  • Final project and presentation

key points of a graphic designing course

graphic designing

Fundamental Principles

Understanding the basic building blocks of design, including line, shape, color, texture, and space. Emphasis on applying these elements effectively in visual communication.
graphic designing


Exploring the art and technique of arranging type, including font selection, spacing, and creating hierarchy. Focus on enhancing readability and conveying meaning through text.
graphic designing course

Color Theory

Studying the science and psychology of colors. Practical application in design, considering color harmony, contrast, and the emotional impact of different hues.
graphic designing

Software Proficiency

Mastering industry-standard graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Suite. Developing practical skills in Photoshop for image editing, Illustrator for vector graphics, and InDesign for layout design.
graphic desiging

arena Graphics

Creating scalable graphics and illustrations using vector-based tools like Adobe Illustrator. Emphasis on designing logos and other vector-based elements.
graphic designing

Image Editing and Manipulation:

Learning techniques for enhancing and manipulating images using Photoshop. Understanding concepts like cropping, retouching, and color correction.

Layout and Composition

Understanding the principles of effective layout and composition for both print and digital media. Practical application using Adobe InDesign.
graphic designing

Brand Identity Design

Creating visual elements that represent and distinguish a brand, including logos, color schemes, and typography. Ensuring consistency across various brand materials.
graphic designing

Web and Social Media Design

Designing graphics for websites and social media platforms. Consideration of responsive design principles for varied screen sizes.

Portfolio Development

Building a professional design portfolio showcasing a range of skills and projects. Emphasis on presentation and organization to demonstrate proficiency.
graphic designing course

Industry Trends and Best Practices

Staying updated on current design trends and understanding industry best practices. Exploring innovative approaches and techniques.

Final Project

Applying learned skills to a comprehensive final project that demonstrates proficiency across various design aspects. Presentation and critique to refine the project.

What is graphic designing course?

The objectives of a graphic designing

The objectives of a “Video Masters” training program are designed to equip participants with comprehensive skills and knowledge in video production. Here are the key objectives:
graphic designing institute in hyderabad
graphic designing institute in hyderabad

pre-requisites of graphic designing course

Graphic designing institute in hyderabad is an art form that involves creating visual content to communicate information and ideas to a target audience. It is a crucial aspect of modern-day communication and plays a vital role in various industries, including advertising, marketing, branding, and web design. The graphic designing course in Hyderabad is an excellent opportunity for aspiring graphic designers to learn the skills and techniques required to excel in this field

Who should learn graphic designing ?

graphic designing institute in hyderabad

Certifications-graphic designing training hyderabad

graphic designing institute in hyderabad
“Your mastery of the video production domain has been evidenced by your Video Masters certification. This certification signals to potential employers and clients that you possess the expertise and skills needed for success in the dynamic field of video creation
we offer comprehensive training courses designed to prepare you for video production certification exams. Our experienced instructors, hands-on labs, and expert guidance ensure you acquire the skills necessary for success in video creation and editing. Upon successfully completing the course, you will also receive a course completion certificate from Video Masters. This certification is widely recognized by leading organizations in the industry, further validating your proficiency in the art and science of video production.”

Placement Opportunities in video masters

Our extensive network comprises top-tier companies and recruiters collaborating with us to identify and recruit exceptional talent. We facilitate direct connections between you and these employers, Graphic designing institute in hyderabad guiding you towards the job opportunity that aligns perfectly with your skills and aspirations.

types of training

online training

video course

Corporate Training

why join video masters

Video Masters for your journey into the world of video production because we’re not merely instructors; Graphic Designing institute in Hyderabad are your mentors in the realm of creative expression.Graphic desigining institute in Hyderabad approach is personalized, our teaching is hands-on, and our commitment is to witness your success. Engage with us for video production training that goes beyond a traditional classroom, creating a community atmosphere where your achievements take precedence. Join Video Masters for an immersive learning experience, where your creative aspirations are at the forefront, and your triumph is our foremost priority.

graphic designing institute in hyderabad

what is graphic designing used for ?

Graphic designing institute in hyderabad use visual elements such as images, typography, and colors to convey messages and information effectively. The course teaches principles and techniques for creating designs that communicate messages clearly.

Marketing and Advertising

Graphic designing institute in hyderabad play a crucial role in marketing and advertising by creating visually engaging materials such as advertisements, brochures, and promotional content. The course covers design principles specific to marketing and advertising needs.

Brand Identity

Businesses and organizations rely on graphic designing institute in hyderabad to create and maintain a consistent brand identity. This includes designing logos, color schemes, and other visual elements that represent a brand's personality.

Web and Digital Media Design

With the increasing importance of online presence, graphic designers are involved in creating website layouts, social media graphics, and other digital media content. The course provides skills for designing effective digital assets.

Freelance Projects

Individuals completing a graphic designing Institute in hyderabad can use their skills for personal projects, freelance work, or entrepreneurial ventures. The course equips them with the tools to express their creativity in various contexts.

Visual Communication

Graphic designing institute in hyderabad use visual elements such as images, typography, and colors to convey messages and information effectively. The course teaches principles and techniques for creating designs that communicate messages clearly.

(UI)and(UX) Design

Graphic designing institute in hyderabad often work on designing the user interface and overall user experience for websites and applications. The course covers principles of UI/UX design to enhance usability and user satisfaction.

course overview

The Graphic Designing institute in hyderabad offers a comprehensive exploration of principles, tools, and techniques crucial for creating visually impactful designs. Covering foundational elements like design principles and typography, participants delve into software mastery using industry-standard tools. The course extends to image manipulation, vector graphics, and logo design, with a focus on web and social media design. Print design and brand identity form essential components, along with portfolio development and insights into industry trends. Through collaborative projects, participants gain hands-on experience, fostering teamwork and practical skill application. The course also delves into ethics, professionalism, and emerging technologies, providing a well-rounded understanding of the dynamic graphic design landscape. Upon completion, participants emerge with a robust skill set and a diverse portfolio, ready to navigate the contemporary challenges of visual communication.

graphic designing institute in hyderabad.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The duration of the graphic designing institute in hyderabad course is typically 15 weeks/ 3 months, offering a comprehensive curriculum to ensure a thorough understanding of design principles.

The course covers industry-standard software such as Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, ensuring proficiency in essential graphic design tools.
Yes, the course is designed for individuals of all skill levels, including beginners. Our curriculum caters to both novices and those looking to enhance their existing design skills.
The course includes a diverse range of projects covering logo design, print materials, web graphics, and more. These projects provide hands-on experience and the opportunity to build a professional portfolio.

Absolutely. The course covers web design principles, responsive design, and graphics for online platforms, making it suitable for individuals interested in both print and digital design.

Yes, the course encourages collaboration through group projects, fostering a community where participants can network, share insights, and engage with like-minded individuals.

Our instructors stay abreast of industry trends and regularly update the curriculum to reflect the latest design principles, tools, and emerging technologies in the graphic design field.

 Certainly. The course equips participants with the skills needed to embark on a freelance career, including guidance on building a professional portfolio and marketing oneself as a designer.

The course includes discussions on ethical considerations in design, emphasizing the importance of responsible and ethical design practices, including copyright and intellectual property awareness.

Yes, participants have access to course materials even after completion, ensuring ongoing reference and the ability to revisit key concepts.

 The course includes projects specifically designed to contribute to a professional portfolio, showcasing your acquired skills and versatility in graphic design.

Yes, the course provides opportunities for personalized feedback through one-on-one sessions with instructors, allowing for tailored guidance and improvement.

Absolutely. The course is designed with flexible scheduling to accommodate participants with other commitments, allowing for a balanced learning experience.

The course dedicates sessions to color theory principles and explores their practical application in design, ensuring participants understand how to use color effectively.

Yes, the course includes modules focused on various industries, including branding and advertising, providing insights and skills tailored to the specific needs of these sectors.

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